I am going through chemo & am not able to keep up with the many, many puppy requests. 
My reply time may be slow, please read the following puppy information carefully to limit the emails for me.
Thank you for your understanding
while I undergo treatment
Morkie Puppies due:  Nov. 27th., 2020  $3000
with a 500$ refundable deposit. 
Female Pups are SOLD - 1 male pup may be available?
My Papillon/Maltese is also bred to my Yorkie stud (first time) & due:  Nov. 26th., 2020 $3500
1 male pup will be available only.
Wait list for Biewer/Morkie pups for next spring is full.
Wait list for Papillon Parti-Morkie pups next spring is very full.
Purebred female Yorkie pup is pending sold for next spring but 1 male may be available. 

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 CKC Registered Yorkshire Terrier Stud Service available on Vancouver Island, BC 

Gorgeous, smart & healthy puppies:

Yorkies & Morkies sired by "Gabriel" CKC registered Yorkshire Terrier


Parti-Morkies or (Biewtese) pups are sired by "Rio" my Biewer (Yorkie) Terrier 

Contact:  250 710 2513 (cell) - victoriajaubin@live.com

Yorkshire Terrier

Bold, Extremely Intelligent Courageous, Confident, & Independent. 

Lively & Inquisitive, 

Hypoallergenic (non-shedding).

Gabe (CKC Reg. Stud) is a working farm dog.



Gentle, Fearless, Intelligent, Playful, will alert about strangers but loves everyone.

Excels as companion, therapy dog & as competitor in obedience, agility & tracking. Loyal to her person.

Hypoallergenic (very low shedding).

Holly is a never ending love muffin.


My sire is a CKC Reg. Yorkie & dam is a purebred Maltese.  Parents are my family & available to view by apt.

Pups will be health guaranteed

& come with everything you need 

for the first phase of their life

with you.

In the top 5 most intelligent dogs.  

The name “Papillon” is french for “butterfly” named for their ears. 

Papillons are spirited little dogs with energy to spare, though they are happy to soak up a little love & attention.

They learn quickly, and are often at the top of their class in obedience and agility.

Maggie is low shedding as she is half Maltese.

I find my Papillon "Maggie" to be extremely intelligent, loyal & quiet. 


Biewer Terrier


The Biewer is a Yorkie with a pie bald gene that changes the appearance/colouring of the coat.  The Yorkie's temperament & size are the same as a Yorkshire Terrier however.  The Biewer Morkie puppies are often referred to as Parti-Morkies but since my dogs are pure bred the Morkie puppies will have the tri-coloured coat of their Biewer Terrier (Yorkie) daddy.

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baby Skeeter Rosie Davis
Skeeter & foster mom Gigi
Skeeter Rosie Davis
Biewer Terrier Stud
Baby Rio
Maltese mom "Holly"
Female Morkie Puppy
Male Morkie Puppy
Male pup # 2
Male pup # 1
Maltese mom & Morkie pup
V, my little girl
Christmas Holly 2016