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Introducing Rio, Biewer Terrier Stud
& Skeeter Rosie Davis
purebred Yorkshire Terrier
No Puppies available at this time!

We are planning two litters early spring 2020.

Maggie's (Papillon) first litter & after a long rest Holly's (Maltese) first litter sired by Rio.

Introducing our new sire "Rio"

(Biewer Terrier).

Maggie is 5 lbs. & Rio is charting about 4 lbs.

My Papillon X Biewer puppies will be the most gorgeous, tiny, little parti-coloured pups you have ever see& Holly will surprise with Parti-Morkies.

Little Doggy Daycare once again available for your dogs home away from home when you are away on holiday, for the weekend or a night.  20$ for all day or 25$ for 24 hrs.  

 CKC Registered Yorkshire Terrier Stud Service available on Vancouver Island, BC

Biewer Yorkie Stud 

Gorgeous & Guaranteed Yorkies, Parti-Morkies & 

(Yorkillon) Biewer Terrier X Papillon Puppies

Contact:  250 710 2513 (cell) - victoriajaubin@live.com

Yorkshire Terrier

Bold, Extremely Intelligent Courageous, Confident, & Independent. 

Lively & Inquisitive, 

Hypoallergenic (non-shedding).

Gabe (CKC Reg. Stud) is a working farm dog.



Gentle, Fearless, Intelligent, Playful, will alert about strangers but loves everyone.

Excels as companion, therapy dog & as competitor in obedience, agility & tracking. Loyal to her person.

Hypoallergenic (very low shedding).

Holly is a never ending love muffin.


My sire is a CKC Reg. Yorkie & dam is a purebred Maltese.  Parents are my family & available to view by apt.

Pups will be health guaranteed

& come with everything you need 

for the first phase of their life

with you.

In the top 5 most intelligent dogs.  

The name “Papillon” is french for “butterfly” named for their ears. 

Papillons are spirited little dogs with energy to spare, though they are happy to soak up

a little love & attention.

They learn quickly, and are often at the top of their class in obedience and agility. 

I find my Papillon "Maggie" to be extremely loyal.

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Purebred Yorkie puppy

Angel Grace at 9 weeks old.