No puppies available at this time.
For information on upcoming litters & to be placed on a waiting list please contact me.
My dogs are 100% healthy & before being bred they are vet checked to ensure that they are in prime condition.  My intention is to produce only healthy puppies that I can ensure will be strong & healthy members of  & for your family.

Gabriel (CKC reg. Yorkshire Terrier stud) is 6.8 lbs., Bonnie (Maltese X Bichon Frise) weights 8 lbs., Maggie (Papillon X Maltese) weights 5 lbs. & Rio (purebred Biewer Terrier) still weights. just under 4 lbs.

Alleles determine genetic colouring so a purebred Maltese is white & white is not a colour so both alleles are turned off, she can only produce colouring from the father although there is always small white markings.  Gabriel is a purebred Yorkie & has 3 colours in his coat so both his alleles are turned on so his & holly's pups turn out with Yorkie colouring & a few surprise white spots.  Rio has all three colours so both his alleles are turned on so therefore the pups will more than likely look similar to him.

A purebred Yorkie takes two years to show his or hers final coat colour, they are born looking like tiny Rotti's, jet black with red markings.  Holly's pups turn a variation of dark with silver, red & white blends & some turn very silver like Gabriel but there is no way to know which will do which just as I don't know if the pups ears will be erect like Gabe's or lay flat like Holly's.  Hope this helps with your decision.

Please consider this information before purchasing a puppy from anyone, (Teacup Yorkie's).


There is no such thing as a Teacup Yorkie.  This is a term being used to sell tiny dogs that are not bred to improve the breed or for the best health of the dogs or their progeny.  Breeding these tiny dogs to produce smaller & smaller dogs is not only dangerous to the mother but in most cases produces puppies who will require continual vet care with poor outcomes.  These tiny pups are being sold for double or triple the cost of a healthy pup.

I have been involved in dog rescue for half my life & have seen the heartache & cruelty caused by good meaning people who can't afford the vet afterwards.  For the few dogs saved there are countless numbers of dogs & pups who never receive help in time.


All Yorkshire Terriers bred to the CKC breed standard are a maximum of 7 lbs.  Most breeders prefer to breed Yorkie's between 4 lbs. and 7 lbs. Occasionally, a reputable breeder may have a puppy that is smaller than 4 lbs., this is rare.  Often, puppies that are under 4 lbs. have many health problems because of their size, however, when a reputable Reg. breeder has one of these smaller puppies, they are usually healthy.  These tiny Yorkies require very special homes without small children. 

The same goes for the opposite - occasionally a Reg. breeder may have a Yorkie puppy that will be over 7 lbs.  This puppy may not be shown but will make a wonderful companion and a great family pet.


For information on available puppies please feel free to contact me

 1 250 746 6771 or text my cell 1 250 710 2513

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baby Skeeter Rosie Davis
Skeeter & foster mom Gigi
Skeeter Rosie Davis
Biewer Terrier Stud
Baby Rio
Maltese mom "Holly"
Female Morkie Puppy
Male Morkie Puppy
Male pup # 2
Male pup # 1
Maltese mom & Morkie pup
V, my little girl
Christmas Holly 2016